Gregg Sorbets and Sue Sorbets are welcoming the framing industry and existing clientele to Ironwood Picturing Framing, a custom art framing shop in Kamuela, Big Island, Hawaii.

Gregg has enjoyed a well known reputation as an expert finish carpenter honed over a 31 year period, and thanks to his upbringing in an artistic family, he has developed a great eye for detail which pairs well with his strive for perfection and his appreciation for your need to perfectly frame and present an artist's work. 

Gregg acquired the Ironwood Picture Framing enterprise because it feeds his artistic side, aids the community with an in demand service, and is the perfect venue to produce his unique and in-demand Koa wood paddles, surfboards, shadow boxes and more. 

Sue Sorbets is a respected Real Estate Agent and thanks to her expertise in assisting clients and the community to find the perfect homes and commercial spaces, lends an eye trained in design, staging and presentation of art and home decor, and assists with sales.

Gregg originally hails from Oregon and Sue from Colorado, and together Sue and Gregg have been living In Hawaii for 25 years.