Ironwood Picture Framing will work closely with you to design the perfect presentation for your artwork.  This includes helping you to select and choose a frame, mat, or specialty mounting for your project, including advising you on the best options for size, material and presentation options, using our extensive collection of moulding samples, corner frames, matboards, plexi-glass, traditional glass, UV proection options, shadow boxes, and more.


Framing is a vital component of any piece of art. If a piece of art speaks to you, is important to you, or enhances your space, it should be honored and cared for with custom framing designed to complement (but not compete with) the colors, style, and personality of the piece.   

With our substantial range of custom framing options, including Koa Frames and other special, sustainable, and locally sourced hardwoods, such as Mango and others, we guarantee we can satisfy just about any taste, personality and budget. 

Trust us with your oil and acrylic paintings, watercolor, pastel, graphite and original works on paper, prints and limited editions, fine art photography, textile art, diplomas and certificates, vintage posters, juvenile art, and memorabilia.  

Mats both enhance the display of your art, but serve a purpose as well.  Mats and liners add depth and scale, and soften the transition from image to frame.  They help create a polished, classic presentation.  Mats and liners are available in a variety of colors, styles and even unique textures.  Apart from enhancing the appearance, particularly for art framed under glass, the mat or liner serves as both structural support for larger pieces of art, and, creates a barrier between the glass (traditional or plexi) and the artwork, to prevent transferring the paint, ink or other medium from the surface of the piece, to the porous glass surface, adding to the longevity of the piece.

For a more discrete protective service, we can add a spacer. A spacer can be a piece of wood, plexi glass or fabric board which separates the artwork or object from the glass. Like a mat, the resulting ventilation from a spacer will protect your art from condensation and moisture build up in the frame, which can cause the art to stick to the glass.


Your art and artistic projects are unique, and so is our custom work.  We understands the specific techniques and materials which should be used for a variety of projects, including museum quality and archival custom framing.  We use Tru-Vue conservation and museum quality glass, which offers 99% UV protection.



Choosing the right frame for your project is a vital part of displaying your art, but it's not the only opportunity to make a statement. Custom mounting influences the visual impact of your piece.   Float Mounting shows your art is on a matboard slightly larger than the art to display interesting deckle edges and margins and can be used to raise the piece off of the backing for a little depth and shadow.   Archival Hinge Mounting is used for mounting delicate paperwork.   We use quality Japanese kozo paper and neutral rice starch paste. When properly attached, the hinge becomes a part of the paper object and is completely removeable leaving no residue.

This modern look is achieved by stretching art canvas or fabric around a stretcher bar.  The project can be displayed showing the entire face of the piece on the front of the face of the work, with canvas on the sides, or, a Gallery Wrap, which has the art stretched and wrapped around all four sides for a wrap-around continuous look.



Often a mirror reflection of views in your home, bouncing back light and extending your range, is a beautiful image all by itself.    Alas, mirrors aren't always presented in an interesting way.   We'll help you display your unique style and complement your home décor with a custom mirror frame

Art, Memorabilia and Keepsakes all need protection from your environment and natural elements in order to look their best for many years.  While artwork is usually protected by glass, mat, and frame, what about items which are not flat, or don't fit in frames?  Custom shadow box framing protects, preserves, and displays our three-dimensional treasures, including sports memorabilia, vintage or historic artifacts, medals, coins, clothing and accessores, and 3D treasures. 


Ironwood Picture Framing carries a beautiful selection of hand-crafted, locally-sourced and ready-made Koa Wood frames for using with your own artwork, photographs, and documents.    Our owner, Gregg Sorbets, builds custom Koa Paddles, which are on display and available for purchase.


Our team is available to assist you with pick-up, delivery, and installation of your framed art and artworks. We offer full-service pre- and post-treatment of your projects, including residential, gallery, hospitality (hotels and resorts), event space and corporate settings. Your artworks are handled with the utmost care and attention.


Sending home a unique souvenir of your visit to Hawaii, or, shipping a piece of art as a gift? We'll assist you with local and national crating, packing, shipping, and transportation